Stage 1 – Analysis

Project analysis

Understanding of the requirements, languages and contents of the project, and selection of the necessary tools, glossaries, and dictionaries. During the analysis, the quote is prepared and the necessary resources and deadlines for completing the project are established. The delivery time is set by the team, depending on the project size, unless the client establishes a specific deadline.

Stage 2 – Translation

Translation of contents

According to the project requirements, we select our most qualified native translator, according to the experience in the field in question. The translator receives the instruction, guidance, and tools necessary to ensure the quality of the work and the timely delivery. In the case of handwritten documents or documents with poor quality, it may be necessary to transcribe the entire content before the translation starts.

Stage 3 – Proofreading

Proofreading of the work

The proofreading is always carried out by a second translator, so that the translation is finalized with a more critical and impartial view. After all the correction are made or doubts are clarified, a re-reading is done to analyze the transparency and consistency of the text. If necessary, the translators involved in the projects will make a joint analysis to clarify potential differences in the work.

Stage 4 – Delivery

Project delivery

Before delivery, the full project undergoes a final reading and a rigorous internal quality control process that allows us to identify and correct possible flaws, or even to consider possible opportunities to improve the final work. In the case of certified translations, it is at this stage that the translation will be duly certified. To finish, the work is delivered to the client within the agreed deadline, and as established by the client.

What kind of translation do you need?

At LX Certificado, we do all types of translations. Whether it is to integrate a personal or business project or even for your consultation and information. We have experienced professionals in each of the specific translation areas, so we can adapt to your project.


Commercial translation is essential to keep companies in foreign markets, and to assist in business relations with costumers around the world, so that language is not a limitation. This service is suitable for companies, producers, suppliers, analysts, investors and even government institutions.


It includes the translation of declarations, medical opinions, reports, theses, and trials.

This is the most complex and specific type of translation, which requires research and consultation from various sources, so that the content in the target language is not changed or lost, and in the medical field this could have serious consequences.


Financial translation is intended for national and international companies, since due to the various factors, there is a need for the presentation and elaboration of accounts, financial plans, or market studies in several languages. Financial translation also helps in obtaining foreign investments and entering markets.


In the translation of scientific contents, the importance of accuracy increases precisely because of the need to deliver a text that is clear, cohesive, clean and that also reflects the expressions and context of the area that the subject matter addresses. It is not enough to be fluent in the language, it is also necessary to have knowledge in the area in question.


For a foreign document to be legally valid, these documents must be translated and certified with the competent authorities. The certified translation applies to documents such as certificates, declarations, judgements, titles, contracts, and other documents that must be officially translated.


Translation of documents prepared by technical writers, such as manuals, patents, user guides and technical sheets. These texts integrate the theoretical and practical component of technical information, with specific terminology and special needs, requiring specialized translators in a given field.


If you need an urgent translation service, you can count on our team! We will be available to provide you with a professional service, within very short deadlines and according to your needs. Just tell us when you need your translations, and we will internally organize the complete process on time.


Legal documents (sentences, contracts, deeds, laws) must be translated and certified in order to be effective abroad. This modality also meets the requirement for presentation in Portuguese institutions since they must be presented in Portuguese when issued in a foreign language.

If you need clarifications or to know what type of translation you need, contact us now!

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Languages covered

We currently have resources that cover over 150 languages and dialects. All translators are native speakers of the language they are translating for, so that the translation is transparent and without the content and message being changed.

Albanian – Arabic – Belarusian – Bengali – Burmese – Czech – Danish – Dutch – English – French – Finnish – German – Greek – Hebrew – Hindi – Hungarian – Icelandic – Italian – Japanese – Kazakh – Khmer – Korean – Kurdish – Lithuanian - Mandarin – Nepalese – Norwegian – Punjabi – Persian – Polish – Portuguese – Romanian – Russian – Slovak – Slovenian – Spanish – Swedish – Thai – Turkish – Ukrainian – Urdu – Uzbek – Vietnamese

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